Emerald Hill Elementary School, located at 11245 Rixeyville Road, Culpeper, Virginia, is a 97,000 square foot facility situated on 38 acres on Virginia Route 229.  It is located in the Northern area of Culpeper County.  The school is approximately midway between Charlottesville, Virginia and Washington D.C.  The combined population for the town and county of Culpeper in 2013 was 48,506 persons.  Culpeper’s public schools serve approximately 7,900 students.  Emerald Hill enrolls approximately 800 students.  The majority of the students live in neighborhoods that are geographically remote from the school.  It is in the Jefferson Magisterial District.

A 1995 bond referendum made Emerald Hill’s $20 million prototype structure possible.  It replaced Floyd T. Binns Elementary School.  The school initially opened its doors to students for the 1997-1998 school year on October 31, 1997.  There are 50 classrooms, two reading resource rooms, one gymnasium, one art room, one music room, a computer lab, two performance areas, a guidance suite, nurse’s office and main office suite.  Emerald Hill bears the name of the farm owned by retired school Principal John Kelley, former owner of the property.  Prior to the school opening, the students selected the Eagle as the school’s mascot and green and white as the school’s colors.  A committee named the hallways after local geographical landmarks such as, Rixey Road, Little Fork Lane and Kelley Court.

Emerald Hill has four to six homeroom classes at each grade level in kindergarten through fifth grade.  We also house two preschool classes.

Culpeper County Public School system includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.  The elementary schools serve grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  The middle schools serve grades six through eight while the high schools serve grades nine through twelve.