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Mrs. Ellen Jones (K-2)

Mrs. Ellen Jones (K-2)
K-2 Guidance

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Classroom Guidance

Once a month, counselors will teach a lesson on a character trait or "word of the month". Students will engage in activities to help them understand the meaning of the word.


Group Counseling

Students who have similar issues may be referred for small group counseling. Some examples of group topics are divorce/separation, grief/loss, anger/stress, study skills, and self-esteem.

Individual Counseling

Students are sometimes referred for individual counseling for a variety of issues. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students can make these referrals. Some of the issues are family transitions, social skills, anger management, academic problems, and grief.


School counselors are available to consult with parents regarding a variety of issues- problems at home, academic performance, low motivation, social conflicts, and any other types of school problems. School counselors also consult with teachers and administrators about how to help students succeed.